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Georgina has 9+ years of experience learning and working in the jewellery trade. ​Working for large scale brands over the course of her career (Faberge, Taylor & ​Hart, Michael Rose Jewels) has given Georgina insight into a number of sectors ​of the trade, and a deep understanding of the industry as a whole.

Prior to forming her own jewellery brand, Georgina worked in production, sales ​and design. Georgina has performed admin based roles, and has created digital ​written and visual content, not only for her own brand, but for a notable Hatton ​Garden based company.

To further establish herself, Georgina has completed silversmithing courses as ​well as a design course at the University of Arts London, giving her a greater ​understanding into design and manufacturing processes.

Georgina also has accredited diamond and gemstone knowledge, completing two ​diamond and gemstone courses with the Gemological Institute of America.

Over the years, Georgina has established great relationships with suppliers, ​manufacturers, setters, polishers and more in London’s diamond district, Hatton ​Garden. She also volunteers within the community where possible - Georgina ​recognises that the jewellery trade can be somewhat daunting, so her aim is to ​open doors to those hoping to enter the industry, as well as support those already ​within the trade.



I implement my art, content and copy skills to develop effective branding, creating promotional materials and ​photography concepts that align with the brand’s message, tone of voice, and vision.

render creation

Examples of renders created ​using Adobe suite


Creation of marketing ​materials for social ​media campaigns


trend reporting content examples - often ​effective for email marketing campaigns ​and social media


I have a BA (Hons) in English Studies from The University ​of Stirling, and am very passionate about creating exciting ​and compelling copy. I have written blog posts, newsletters, ​and website copy for my previous roles, and am responsible ​for all content and copy on

photography ​direction

I am able to ​create ​moodboards and ​implement the ​direction of ​photoshoots - ​from concept to ​lighting, props, ​and overall ​vision.

moodboard examples

photography examples

Completed photoshoots



Winner -

Professional Jeweller’s ‘Emerging Brand’ Collections of the Year 2023


NAJ’s New Jewels Finalist

Retail Jeweller’s UK Jewellery Awards - Emerging Brand

Retail Jeweller’s UK Jewellery Awards - Emerging Jewellery Designer

How Georgina Can Help ​You

Georgina Ainslie Jewellery Industry Consultant

Trend Reporting and Analysis

Creating thorough and professional presentations for your business, ​including but not limited to highlighting the latest key jewellery trends, ​reporting on current insights, changes and developments in the ​diamond market, as well as sustainability and manufacturing patterns.

Georgina can also complete a comprehensive competitor analysis for ​your brand, noting key differences, themes, and business ​recommendations.

Georgina Ainslie Jewellery Industry Consultant

Sourcing and Curating

Sourcing gemstones/ diamonds to meet your required specs.

Curating collections and sourcing innovative, high quality designs from ​established and up-and-coming designers based on your brief.

Connecting you with the relevant trade professionals based on your ​brief.

Share extensive industry knowledge including but not limited to ​production techniques, design methods and diamonds/gemstones.

Georgina Ainslie Jewellery Industry Consultant

Jewellery Content Creation and ​Admin

With a background in English literature and experience of business ​content creation, Georgina is able to create exciting, modern content ​for your business - including external content such as newsletters, flyers, ​and social media posts, as well as internal content such as line sheets, ​product catalogues, look books, mood boards and press release texts.

Georgina Ainslie Jewellery Industry Consultant

Jewellery Training

Georgina can create presentations tailored to your business and ​product to present in front of your employees as a means of teaching ​them more about your brand and the jewellery industry as a whole. The ​aim of this is to assist with sales growth - knowledge is one of the most ​valuable assets in sales.

Create A Bespoke Package ​For Your Business

Georgina Ainslie Jewellery Industry Consultant

Would you like to combine some of the elements above to create your ​own business package? Please get in touch with Georgina to share your ​ideas and Georgina will draw up a bespoke package and quote for you.

Georgina Ainslie Jewellery Industry Consultant


I would absolutely love to hear from you if you are interested in working together! Please find my contact details below.


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